Muhammad Kamran

Chairman Move on Pakistan

“O’ Allah shower blessings upon Muhammad (Peace be upon him) our Master and shower blessings upon his Family”

In this dark and frightful era of Politics Move on Pakistan is one of the magnificent political party where we provide platform for new spirited and potential political personalities, where they can explore the point in themselves to deliver the best to society and bring the Pakistani nation on the top to rule the world as leading country. Being a Leader of this century my aim and strong will is to be the next World power or to be in the next three powerful states of the world for me on this statement criticism is quite obvious but being a true Muslim the blood in my veins is having a very strong effect to be the strong brave and powerful leader of the future. For me it’s a challenge to fulfill this task to be the next world’s powerful state and to complete the promise of our elders with our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W that we will be the defenders of our religion and their umma Insha’Allah. This mission will never stop here if I will place the brick of this pillar, I am dam sure that me or may be my generation will complete this mission Insha’Allah. I don’t believe in extremism but I believe in liberty, Freedom and Respect and most important equal rights with justice for all. When I see the oppressors and powerful nations forcefully impose their decisions on targeted Muslim countries It creates too much desolation in myself and my inner ask question from myself that when and who will end this all mess-up for what we are waiting for? Then my empty eyes see towards the leaders of all Muslim Countries but their silence break my heart too badly.

I believe that this is the time to wake up for securing our generations from the oppressors and to unite our self and for announcing the alliance of all Muslim Countries where we will solve our matters by ourselves because it’s my die heart believe that there is no man oo earth did justice for everything better than world’s Last Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W. and I swear that following the path of Allah as Guided by our Holly Quran. I will never be unsuccessful I know again I am repeating the point that I will face a lot of criticism on this writing but I want to make realize my peoples that our politics is not possible without understanding our religion Islam. Ideology of Pakistan is based on our religion our forefathers demanded this region on the base of Islam so how can we forget the base and reason of this Country.

Indeed, My Success will be only from Allah.

Move On Pakistan

MOVE ON PAKISTAN is an emerging movement. “Education, Health and Peace” are our goals. It is an exceptional Platform where people can get awareness of their rights and play their role in success & prosperity of Pakistan.

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