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Main mission of Mr. Muhammad Kamran, Chairman Move on Pakistan through this new emerging political party (MOP) is to create new trends, nurture new culture to promote and advertise new kind of journalism that blossom hopefulness in the people. MOP wants to preserve and conserve the sovereignty and authenticity and to uphold the ideology of Pakistan and Promote regional peace with all neighboring countries based on sovereign equality, mutual benefit and non-interference in each other’s internal affairs.


  • To abolish educational desegregation by introducing a common core syllabus for all schools and progressively increase state spending on education from less than 1.5% to 5% of the Gross Domestic Product.
  • To lay emphasis on teacher training by setting up standard facilitates in all districts to ensure the availability of sufficient number of local teachers in each district by adopting different methods.
  • To establish a doorstep for setting up of basic health units in order to extend the facility to the village level its target is to achieve 100 percent immunization of children against curable diseases.
  • To ensure universal access to clean drinking water in all villages and urban slums by setting up water filtration plants.
  • Basic policy emphasis on preventive healthcare particularly in communicable and infectious diseases, reproductive health care, pre and post natal health care to drastically reduce infant mortality rate.
  • To work towards peaceful co-existence with India based on sovereign equality, and a just equality, and a just solution of outstanding disputes and Consolidate future the close traditional friendship with the people of China by substantially increasing cooperation in commerce, trade, and security areas.
  • Actively promote unity and closer economic and security ties among Islamic States, in particular with our neighbors Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States and support efforts for rapid return to normalcy in Afghanistan by strengthening the unique and close relations with Afghanistan.
  • To ensure Principles of social equality, liberty, impartiality, broadmindedness and social justice as enunciated by Islam are fully observed and enforced in Pakistan.
  • To ensure that fundamental rights including, equality of opportunity and before law, social, economic and political justice, and freedom ‘of thought, expression, belief, faith, worship and association, are guaranteed to all citizens of Pakistan.
  • To take practical steps to advance the moral, material, social, economic and cultural life of the nation with a view to enable the people of Pakistan to attain their rightful and honored place amongst the nations and make their full donation towards peace, prosperity and progress of humanity.

Move On Pakistan

MOVE ON PAKISTAN is an emerging movement. “Education, Health and Peace” are our goals. It is an exceptional Platform where people can get awareness of their rights and play their role in success & prosperity of Pakistan.

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Ace News Building, Opposite Metro (Cash & Carry), Sargodah Road, Punjab, Faisalabad, Move On Pakistan

  • Mobile No. +92 321 757 4444
  • Email info@moveonpakistan.com.pk

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