Education plays most essential role in the building of any nation, we cannot neglect this element but unfortunately this area is the most neglected one in our country. Youth of Pakistan is one of the most talented generation in current world but they are not getting the pure and strong career path because of limited educational institutes and poor educational resources.

Move on Pakistan believe to make the Youth stronger and professional to beat this war of power universally. We believe to promote the students of Pakistan in all over the world for their professional studies through stronger passport and we aim to make Pakistan the strongest country educationally so that students of other nationalities desire to come here for the Education. We will provide good employment to the researchers and Scholars of Pakistan in our own educational institutes and motivate them to prepare the Researchers here to bet the world in every domain to win the battle of Power and Integrity and to reach on the top of the most civilized nations. We are planning to work through grass roots level to the top for better educational system by following the parameters of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah that we must learn and educate our generations about our true values of Islam and the current world.

Move on Pakistan will support the students want to do something for Pakistan we will empower the youth that they can come on front end and can know about their secure future and prepare their youngers in better way. We are supporting students on party behalf for scholarship funds and other facilities for facilitating Youth and to empower. For more details, kindly contact party office.

Our Party Strategies Includes:

  • MOP promises to implement “the strongest and pure educational system in Pakistan to conquer the history of the Asian region” our most primary aim to establish most advance and unique educational system in Asian region by focusing on equal standards for all provinces with same facilities and one course of study for improving the base of our students and young generation, we will coordinate with private sector as well and facilitate them to increase their ventures as well in achieving the good educational system in our country.
  • MOP have designed a smart proposal for the employments is educational sector for young teachers in Public Sector with proper benefits with long term permanent employment. Our party will also announce smart Educational Funds for educational sector and young entrepreneurs so that they can achieve their goals with better scope of future through advance technologies, & communication and spreading the education in backward areas.
  • MOP promising that our party will announce the budget for Education to 05% of Gross Domestic Product and passionate to empower the educational sector the most dominating and power full sector in Pakistan.
  • Our party most important aim to bring every child on the door of School for education, through true enrollment and verification for this we have proposal of Scholarships for deserving students so that we can motivate the students towards the education and schools for achieving the basic and primary education.
  • Our most important agenda is deal all provinces equally and priority is to bring all provinces on one page with coordination for making Pakistan stronger and united.

Move On Pakistan

MOVE ON PAKISTAN is an emerging movement. “Education, Health and Peace” are our goals. It is an exceptional Platform where people can get awareness of their rights and play their role in success & prosperity of Pakistan.

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